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Have you ever looked at the Technician Scorecard and wondered why a technician's conversion rate was showing at 100%? It’s likely because of the sold threshold and no charge/unconvertible unit settings. 

If you go into Settings > Job Types each individual job type should have their own sold threshold and no charge/unconvertible unit setting. By having these set up correctly you can more accurately measure the conversion rate for technicians on opportunities. 

The No Charge/Unconvertible Unit setting determines if an opportunity is created automatically or not. For example, an estimate job type may not be an opportunity because, generally, no money is being charged on that job. 

Sold threshold recommendations: 

  • Sold thresholds should never be set to $0.00 on job types, even no charge job types. If they are set to $0.00 then an opportunity will be created and converted, even if the technician didn’t add anything to the invoice. 
  • The sold threshold should at least be $1 but, ideally, it should be at least $1 more on job types where a minimum fee is charged, such as a dispatch fee, because the opportunity will show as converted when the technician has met and/or exceeded the sold threshold. 
  • To help with increasing overall revenue is to increase average ticket you could instead set the sold threshold to be at least $10 over the minimum fee or average ticket amount, for example, so that, for technicians, the opportunity will only show as converted if they increased the average ticket amount. 

For more information this resource (written) is helpful. 

Don’t forget to go to TitanAdvisor > Payroll & Admin and check “we have validated our job settings” to ensure you get full credit within TitanAdvisor! 

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Love this. Thanks for sharing. 
One clarification I’ll add around No Charge / Non Opportunity by default. The way I like to think about it is No Charge means “doesn’t count against the Technician if they don’t sell anything”. So generally speaking Estimate jobs should not be set to No Charge by default in order to get accurate closing rates. Rather, install jobs, or jobs where the scope of work is only to complete previously sold work, would be a good example of a No Charge job. Also Recall or Warranty jobs often fall under the No Charge distinction.