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Hello Masterminds! 

I have been managing the CSR's here at SeaTown for a little over 3 years, and I have been keeping track of KPI's the whole time. We use the external Dialpad App (not the embedded Phones Pro module). I find all my numbers in various places and record them on a separate spreadsheet.

We keep track of the following: 

  • Booked Calls (Job Detail by CSR Report)
  • Cancelled Calls (Legacy Report) 
  • Missed Opportunities (Agent Scorecard from Dashboard) 
  • Memberships Sold (Membership Sold By Report) 
  • Missed Calls (Dialpad Analytics)
  • Inbound Calls (Dialpad Analytics)
  • Outbound Calls (Dialpad Analytics)
  • Average Call Time (Dialpad Analytics)
  • Total Duration (Dialpad Analytics)

I base my coaching, bonus, and revenue projection and tons of other things off of these numbers that I collect. So having this data not be 100% accurate was very saddening for me to find out. 

Now that you've gotten some backstory, lets get to why I am here. I've been working with a CSR on making sure she is outbounding, and the past couple weeks I've noticed her numbers haven't changed. When I investigated i found out that the Call Report was showing different numbers than Dialpad Analytics. Inbound/Outbound calls were very different from each report. This brings into question- how do you keep track of these numbers and what reports do you use to make sure they are accurate?

I reached out to support, Dialpad, and our CSM and have gotten different answers on why this is happening. If you use "click-to-call" out of ST, it registers it as an "inbound" call because ST dials-out to the customer, and then software connects us back. If you outbound from Dialpad, it will show up as an outbound. I was then told that this was a "product gap", so I wanted to come on here and see if anyone else had a work flow they would like to share for accurate KPI tracking. 

We have tried manual entry for KPI's in the past, but we all know it doesn't work well and it leaves room for error. 

I've gotten a suggestion to use the "Office Activity" report, but with that is still the discrepancy of the inbound vs outbound numbers. Click-To-Call or not, if you are calling out- it should be deemed as an outbound call. So I really do not know how to effectively track our numbers. I was at Super Meeting in Texas when they introduced the CSR KPI Tracking sheet and would really like to use that- until I found out its all manual entry by the person taking calls. I want our CSR's to focus on booking calls while I manage their KPI's. 

I've seen many things get updated over the years, but an update to the Agent Score card page would be very nice. A TRUE report of the CSR's activity and statistics all in one place instead of 7 different reports. 

Any direction is appreciated! 


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@mirdesch this is interesting. Not sure if you have any advice?

Khiana Klatt
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ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Oh almost forgot! I find this very helpful in understanding how dialpad vs ST looks at missed calls, voicemail, and abandoned calls. 

If the status of the call in Dialpad is Abandoned, Missed, Missed & Voicemail, or Voicemail, the cal...

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

@knorris see above!

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I would caution trying to compare dialpad and servicetitan because there are so so so many variables in dialpad you'll drive yourself crazy trying to match the report data to just the right conditions, trust me I've tried lol. 

Think about it like this, servicetitan is mainly concerned with whether a call/inquiry was a lead and how it was handled from there. Dialpad is a full phone service that can pull some impressive insights and analytics but sees every single call, internal or external, meetings, call centers. Whether you use phones pro or not, ServiceTitan needs tracking numbers set up to watch and determine leads, booking rates from leads, etc. So I would ensure all advertised phone numbers are set up correctly in ST and ringing where they should be. Then use ST to look at KPIs related to lead booking and management with the report @Sheena_Palacios mentioned or the calls report template. Dialpad I would use for broader KPIs not directly related to leads, things like sentiment analysis and time-based KPIs that assist with training opportunities, and help gain insight to improve CSR call handling in general.

Think of it as two viewpoints from different angles, they help paint a better picture overall. Once a call is a lead, ST can drill down how effective that lead booking actually was, or find patterns in missed opportunities. Dialpad, on the other hand, can analyze a CSRs performance overall and give insight into the customers' experience.

(As far as the click-to-call creating an inbound call I would create a call reason to excuse it from being a lead, I'll update here if I find any more on that though)

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @ryanhals -- there are some differences between call metrics from dialpad vs ST.  Example: Dialpad considers abandoned calls as a type of missed call that never rang to an agent (such as they waited in a hold queue but hung up before reaching someone). ServiceTitan counts it all the same (missed for any reason) as abandoned.

I would compare the dialpad analytics vs. the ST call metrics on the dashboard. Good practice is to ensure CSRs are checking their agent scorecards before the end of their shift, this way they can reclassify calls correctly for more accurate reporting. It's also very important that you and the team understand call classifications so you can spot the differences.

*CSR KPIs correspond to columns from the Office Performance report template.

Sheena @ NiFT

Thanks for the reply @Sheena_Palacios ! 

Our CSR's do check their Agent Scorecard daily for reclassifications, but outbound calls do not show up on the agent scorecard. Do you think its best practice to always compare the Dialpad data with the Service Titan Call report or do you trust one over the other?