Thoughts on leaving voicemails

Hello fellow CSRs and dispatchers!I have a question for everyone:When making outbound calls such as to try scheduling recurring services (ex: furnace maintenances) or to follow up on unsold estimates (to see if they have questions and try to close th...

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Resolved! New Dispatch Design - feedback requested

Hi CSRs and Dispatchers, We have fun new design for job trays on the dispatch board that we would love some feedback on. If you have 10 minutes to walk through it, test it out, we'd love to hear from you! Check out this original post on the Community...

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Resolved! Lunch and Learn

Hello from Michigan!I just heard about the lunch and learns that you have. Is there somewhere I can find out when those meetings are and what the topic is?Thank you,Shannon CMr. Handyman

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Resolved! Lunch and learn

Good morning, everyone! I am new to the group and job; Hopefully this is where I go to ask this! I was wondering how/where the registration will be for these meetings. I saw they are every third Thursday of the month. Thank you all! Have a great day!...

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Would anyone have any process on how they handle "chats"? Like who responds, when they respond, and how often?Thank you!

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Elevating the employee experience in 2024!

Good afternoon everyone!We are really trying to elevate our employee experience in 2024! With prices still on the rise we are going to be making some pay structure changes but I want to do more than just an increase. I want to make a career path for ...

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Resolved! TGIM -- Such a GREAT day so far!

Hello All, Thank you for the warm welcome last week! I cannot wait to support, learn, and educate with you all. How was your week? What can I do to help? Need a call analyzed? Scripting need a review? Comment below with your troubles!


Membership Renewals

I am working on setting the KPI's for membership renewals within office. What is your KPI on this? We are struggling with people renewing, so this is something that I want to set a good number too to make sure that it is realistic.

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Normalized Booking

Hi Everyone, My call center is struggling with getting our normalized booking rate up. We are hovering anywhere between 14% to 17%. Does anyone have any pointers on how to bring this up?

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