New tag and Equipment information makes things more difficult

The new update moved the location/customer tags and the equipment information to a sidepanel on the right. It made far more sense for the tags in particular to be at the top of the page, where and English reader is going to look first. Tags that indi...

asodari by New Contributor II
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Adding Tags Retroactively

I think it would be a good idea to have new tags be added to retroactive jobs. For example, I am making a tag to add to our furnace repairs to label them as a buy back opportunity in the future. It would be nice if this tag applied to all of the furn...

chrisvoll by New Contributor
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Booked Job Alerts

Hello, when I book an estimate my estimators/"technicians" and myself receive a booked job alert via email. We set that up and like to receive that confirmation, however, can that booked job alert go to the specific estimator/"technician" that is ass...

Tags on Projects

I think adding the option to put a tag to a project, and not having to go and tie it to individual appointments on a project.

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Hello Community,We are wondering what the best practice is for when to create an apt. vs a new job. Also, when an estimate is approved and has different phases of the job. Is there a way that we can create a Project up front and pull line items from ...

inf8380 by New Contributor II
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How best to structure the Pricebook for HVAC install

New to ST and trying to wrap my head around how to structure the pricebook for HVAC Install projects. My main goals are to have material costs, equipment costs and sold labor hours included for reporting purposes. My problem is how to structure the p...