Resolved! Required Media Attachments by Tech on Jobs

Hello. I am new to Service Titan. Our owner would like to see if there is a feature that will make it MANDATORY for our tech's to add photos to each job. Does this feature currently exist?Thanks in advance.Brian H.Fogle's Well Pump and Water Treatmen...

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Is there a setting that can be applied to each job that a tech has to upload site photos before closing out and dispatch to the next job?

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Changing the position "Delete Selected" After Clicking Select All

Has anyone else ever accidentally clicked "Select All" and has a moment of dread as you see you mouse automatically be over "Delete Selected"? It would be nice to change the order so we aren't in danger of double clicking and deleting all the photos ...

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Why can't we have thumbnails for pdf files? ((NEEDS VOTES))

When you add a pdf to a job, customer, or location, they are not very easy to spot. If you are not looking for them, you can easily miss them. Why can't we have thumbnails in the files section or even add them to the Photos and videos section? It can...


Viewing pictures on active job

Recently my techs have been having an issue where they cannot view pictures uploaded previously to jobs until the job is closed. A ServiceTitan rep told us that is an intentional feature? Is this really the case? The pictures are much more valuable w...

MattUHC by New Contributor
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Can you add company logo to proposal templates?

We have created several estimate templates and proposal templates but they seem to be lacking a couple of areas. I can find out how to add our logo so when the customer looks at our proposal or we email them a copy. it does not say our company name o...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Location information

When in old location and looking for invoice summary information there was an information icon to view this details.Now with the new version when you need to view invoice summary you need to click on job number then open the invoice.Makes it a long p...

ls-doug_ by New Contributor
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