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I am trying to figure out a fun way to set up the different teams on my Dispatch board. Anyone have any fantastic ideas? Anyone willing to show me the way that they have their boards set up?
Just saying hi! 
I am working on setting the KPI's for membership renewals within office. What is your KPI on this? We are struggling with people renewing, so this is something that I want to set a good number too to make sure that it is realistic.
Is anyone else's auto batching not working? Our invoices are not auto batching and our credit card payments are not either. Support has not gotten back to me, so is anyone else having this issue?
So, I am trying to figure out which product will fit our needs the best. I am wanting something that will log materials into Service/Drain Cleaning/ Installation. If I do Purchasing and send my PO over into QBO will that show it? Or do I have to do I...