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Hi Everyone. 

Just looking to get some input from everyone else on how they are currently using proposal/estimate templates. Due to being a multi-trade company we offer so many different options for our customers. We are currently not using a price book or billing from ST as we had many issues with exporting to QBO. Just curious if anyone has a work around or a solution to our problem. The most important thing for us is the template/write up, not the pricing. If you could please let me know your ideas that would be greatly appreciated. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Proposals are a great way to stream line the estimation process, the nice thing with the Proposal templates is you can now set Business Units & Categories for the Templates which will help in finding the right Template for the right Job.  You can use the Templates with Dynamic Pricing which is also a really cool feature.  Creating these templates is a huge step in minimizing the time required to build out each estimate manually - and this will result in being able to produce more estimates per day which will hopefully also result in an uptake in Revenue!

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@mirdesch are you able to tell Morgan about how we set up and use estimate templates?


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