Estimate/Proposal Templates

Hi Everyone. Just looking to get some input from everyone else on how they are currently using proposal/estimate templates. Due to being a multi-trade company we offer so many different options for our customers. We are currently not using a price bo...

Resolved! Non-Managed Techs and ST Mobile

Hi Everyone, We are currently rolling out non-managed technicians on the ST Mobile App. I am curious to see how others are using this feature, being that they cannot complete a job without a managed tech assigned to the job. Is there a work around ? ...

Property Data 🏠

In the US, there is a feature called Property Data. (To learn more about it you can go to the little question mark help centre on your dashboard and type in “property data”). Check this out: We recommend the following best practices when using the Pr...

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Home For Sale Notification

Hello Hello everyone, Interested in knowing if anyone has used integrations of some sort to get alerted when a client lists their home for sale? Does anyone know of a Canadian database list that we could use to tap into with Zapier?If such a database...

mirdesch by Contributor II
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Visa Debit – how to work around this

We have many clients here in Canada who prefer to use a Visa Debit Card. Currently, they cannot pay with this through ST so, they cannot call in their card over the phone and pay with it nor can they pay their bill online with it. Many times, when a ...

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