ChatGPT - Estimates/Quotes

Hello! Is anyone out there teaching/encouraging their techs to use ChatGPT to help them write quotes/estimates and invoice summaries? If so, are you getting a positive response from your techs or how has that process been?Thanks!

hegersm by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Buddy checks

When you are scheduling a buddy check job for a sales guy to show up on a service techs job, are you considering those to be a opportunity or not?

Resolved! Add Clickable Link to Estimate Email

Hi All,When we email estimates to customers, we also need to include a link in the email body that, when clicked, will open renderings of the closet we designed for them. I currently paste the link into the email body. However, most email clients are...

sgoodger by New Contributor II
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Bug in Item Group button?

I've had over a dozen times now that when i click the item group button and type in my Parent Item and hit save it turns into a task on my estimate. ( i have been carful to make sure i am clicking item group and not task button) any one else having t...

Kirk by New Contributor
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Sales not reporting for technician

Hello, I'm having an issue with one of my tech's. For some reason his sold estimates are not showing on his tech performace sales chart. Any insight on this? Thank you in advance!

CMSDave by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Estimate Template

Does anyone know if there is a way to convert an estimate that was created on an existing job to a template?

Faribam by New Contributor
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Discounts on combined estimates

what is everyones current work around for this: If you sales staff bid a job, and put percentage discounts on multiple estimates, what is everyone doing if you are combining those estimates into one job, to keep multiple discounts from population? I ...

asmithbr by New Contributor II
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