Chimney Chat: Custom Fields

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How many of you are using custom fields on your dispatch board?

What are your some of your custom fields? (We would really like to know if you don't mind sharing)

Some of ours at Fluesbrothers are: 

  1. How many fireplaces in the home total? 
  2. Does your fireplace burn wood or gas?
  3. Are you having any troubles with animals or water entry in the chimney?
  4. Is the exterior chimney brick, stone, stucco or wood siding?
  5. Is the home for sale?
  6. Who will be available at the appointment to go over the findings? 
  7. How will you be paying at the completion of the service?
  8. Did you assign a tech?
  9. Would you like to add on a dryer vent cleaning?

Below are additional questions that aren't required 😁

  1. Did you tell them to not have a fire 48hrs prior?
  2. If gas burning does it have a solid pane of glass or wall switch?
  3. If wood does it have a wood stove?

We are really interested to hear from you! 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

I love the custom fields.  It helps so much in getting new CSRs up to speed.  It ensures they do not forget to ask any questions and the dropdown's make it much faster. 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

We don't use custom fields specifically, but we do have a prepopulated summary for different job types. For a level one inspection, this is our prepopulated summary text that the CSR is expected to go over with the customer at the time of booking:

What prompted customer to call?
When was last inspection/sweep?
How old is the unit?
How many fireplaces/chimneys do they have?
How many do they want inspected?
What kind of fuel? (wood, gas, electric, pellet, etc)
Is chimney interior or exterior?
Is roof walkable? (what material?)
How many stories is the home?
Is this a real estate transaction? (If yes, buyer or seller)
Office/CSR note: If customer does not have email on file, be sure to advise of cancellation fee if they cancel day of.
Any additional info:


It works quite well for us and of course is customizable to the customer as needed and gives the tech all of the info for the job in the summary notes. We haven't really been using custom fields much yet, but I may have to do some research into the benefits of using those over our current system since it seems many of the questions are similar.