Jobs on hold may not be what I am trying to do

Hi Everyone!First day here and I have a question maybe someone can help with? When I sell a garage door job and now have to wait for materials which nowadays can be weeks/ months, what is the proper process? I am marking the estimate as sold and Tita...


Hey Garage Titans, Any suggestion on how you set up memberships for Commercial customers? If you have to maintenance a door every 2500 times it opened how would you track something like this?

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IDA Educon Speech

Hey Garage Titans, I am going to be speaking at the Spring IDA Educon in Louisville, KY April 20-22nd. I have a speech that I gave last time called 12 tips to supercharge your business but wanted to change it up and not give a version of that same sp...

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Negotiating with your vendors

I have heard a few companies go back to their vendors and have some success in negotiating some discounts. Encourage you to take this opportunity with interest rates rising and a potential recession looming to see how you can set yourself up with som...

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Happy Veterans Day!!

Happy Veterans Day to all of you who personally served and all of your family and friends that served. Thank you for your service and enjoy your special day!

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Ideas for Garage Door Companies

Hey Guys, I spent a ton of time on the Ideas section and the general ST Community Chat finally going through all the current Ideas out there submitted by fellow titans and giving my list of things I would love to see. If you dont mind, can you go thr...

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