Materials report

I need to build report showing materials only with a specific material. I cannot figure out how to, i don't want it done by item or task, as our install jobs done use that we use it only in materials

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Pricebook Task Report

I'm looking to create (or find) a report that will let me know the frequency of tasks selected from the pricebook. I know there are some tasks that never get used so it may be a good opportunity to train on those items with the team or eliminate them...

Notes on Jobs

This is an odd one.During a meeting yesterday we realized that we need to pull a report that grabs all jobs with a certain phrase typed in the notes and I am stumped at how to mine that data out of the system. Anyone have any tips??

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Report for daily pick-ups?

Is there a report we can run that will show the items each individual technician needs to pick up from the shop that day before beginning their shift (IE parts or equipment for specific jobs that day)?Also, is there a report to run that will show wha...

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Total counting of leads

Is there a report that can show total leads created in a date range and summarize them by user?I'm looking for the total to match the number of leads that come up when you search for all leads created in a time frame and every report I can find does ...

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Good afternoon,What is the best report that will track my technicians Commision/Bonus? I have run through some of the reports and created my own and I can't seem to a find a report that has commission attached to it. I need to find a report that has ...

Technician Split Report

Hey Everyone! Looking to get some feedback. We recently implemented Configurable Payroll and have lost our legacy reporting options. We are looking for a new report that includes the technician splits, spoke with our CSM and sounds like they do not c...

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Resolved! Inactive vs Active Customer List

I need to build a report that gives me all customers with a column that lists if they are active or inactive. I do not see that particular option in building a report or current reports.

Report - All Calls Ran Yesterday

I work with a construction company and I have jobs that go on for months with an appointment for each day the tech goes to the job. The past appointments will be marked as done. I need to run a report for the previous day of all the jobs that we went...

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