True/Total Income Produced By Tech formula and category missing!

True/Total Income Produced By Tech: On the dashboard I want another category for the technicians that takes the sales number, adds it to the productivity number, looks at the productivity number for jobs that are also sales by this specific tech and ...

evohvac by New Contributor II
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mandatory splits

Can we figure out how to make splits mandatory. Maybe not allow the invoice/ job be exported without splits being done.

titanz1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Call Reasons are not showing up

When we pull reports, the Call Reason is not listed, but we are entering the job booking information correctly. Any help would be appreciated as to why we are not seeing this information.Thanks.

tmeyer22 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Combining Campaigns by categories

Is there a way to combine campaigns by category? For example, is there a way to add all of our magazine campaigns under the "Printing Advertising" category? If not, does anyone have recommendations to organize (clean up) our campaigns without getting...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Project Reporting

It seems to me that project reports are linked & run off of the jobs. We start with projects and have information & billings go out before we have any labor on a job or even a job created. Also, we bill 100% off the project in our commercial sales bu...

eleverich by New Contributor
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Creating Custom Reports

Backstory: Fireplace & Chimney company. We have a current report that we love and want to keep. Although this format is through numbers on our apple products. Has anyone tried hiring a freelancer to basically code the document to upload it into servi...

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Viewing Timesheet edit

Hello All, Is there a report that will track who/when/what edits are made on timesheets in ServiceTitan? Thanks in advance

MML by New Contributor II
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Project Labels to report on Material usage Demo

This is a Demo of how I'm using Project Labels to organize and clean up the materials coming to form our estimates. This feature is promising and there are still issues and opportunities for improvements.

blutz by Contributor III
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