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It's been a year since ServiceTitan launched its very own online community, and oh my, are we ready to celebrate! For those who don't know, the ServiceTitan Community is a place where ServiceTitan users from all over the US and Canada can connect, share knowledge, and maybe even crack a joke or two. It's like having a whole team of experts in your back pocket, ready to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way. And after a year of building relationships, sharing insights, and maybe even a little friendly competition (we won't name names), we're pretty proud of what we've accomplished. So let's raise a glass (or a wrench) to the ServiceTitan Community and all the amazing folks who make it such a special place!

Our Why

Simply put, our why is YOU. There is no better way to describe why we do what we do. This last year has taught us so much about you, what you need to feel supported, what you need to be successful, and how you truly show up for your customers and each other.

From sharing the latest trends in the industry to comparing notes on the best way to deal with a tricky customer, this Community is where the real connections happen. But it's not just about business, it's also about building relationships with people who get you, and who understand the unique challenges of your field.

Community is my favorite part about ServiceTitan! In the past year, I’ve had the chance to connect directly with more Torch Network members than ever before. I learned about their goals, their vision for the Torch Network, and even some of their celebrity crushes! Not only is the Community an incredible resource, it has given me the tools to do my job better and serve our customers in new ways. To anyone new, Community provides a welcoming and knowledgeable space for customers to share ideas, network, ask questions and so much more! I’m so thankful for our community platform and can’t wait to watch it continue to grow! @emsmith

I was proud when I was asked to share my thoughts and articles in Community. I get excited every morning when I look at my calendar and see that one-hour blog writing time set aside and know if my thoughts and suggestions just change the direction of one contractor in a positive direction that we have won, and they have won. I just smile when I post the Contractors Corner blog as I know it can reach thousands of contractors. 😊 @wpowers11 

We are celebrating our first birthday and we want to celebrate you too. Community would not have been possible without you, your support, your suggestions, all the feedback, and most importantly your love for ServiceTitan. Being able to join you on this Community journey has been inspiring and rewarding for me. We recognize the Community of professionals whose skills build the infrastructure of our country and keep it running everyday. It is a pleasure to partner with so many of you. @baraica 

I absolutely love sharing the ServiceTitan Community with contractors who have never seen it before! It truly is a one stop shop for all things ServiceTitan related; from training and ideas, to support and best practices - it has everything! The Community has become a place where I go to connect with others who are trying to improve their ServiceTitan skills and their business. Over the past year we have created a safe space for ServiceTitan users to connect and help each other. I’m very partial to the CSR / Dispatcher group and the relationships we are building there. @asnow

We could not be more honored to be part of this amazing Community, learning from you, and serving you.

Your Why

This outstanding Community is the cool kids' group of the trades and contractor world. So, let’s hear your why.

Happy Anniversary, ServiceTitan Community! There are so many things about Community that are incredible! I love the ability to post ideas for changes and improvements and be able to share them so they can be upvoted! I'm also very grateful for the opportunity to network with so many people all the time and learn tips and tricks, even for simple things! To anyone who is new to ServiceTitan, I would recommend immersing yourself in Community as much as possible! @Miranda 

The ServiceTitan community provides a wonderful opportunity for networking. It’s a great place to have questions quickly answered. You can search by key words to pull up resources and if these can’t answer your question, you can post your question as a discussion and have other users help. Having the community helps all Service Titan users to feel connected to one another! I love the ideas page where we can post our ideas about the direction we would like to see the software go. This helps us feel like valued customers when we can influence the future of the software! @KhianaKlatt 

ServiceTitan Community has had a massive impact on our growth as a company. We have created connections, gleaned ideas/strategies, and grown exponentially that may have never happened without the network that Community provides.

What also blows my mind is the inclusion of users in growth and development of the software overall. It literally creates an infinitely incredible program in every way.

On top of that the Programs/Groups make Community an even brighter place to be. Programs allow us to boost our knowledge and Groups allow us to share and grow that knowledge while enjoying others' perspective on doing tasks successfully. @BayleeR 

Community by definition: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The Service Titian Community is a fantastic team of intelligent, positive, and helpful users that I’m honored to be a part of. Two of my favorite things in life are learning and helping others, both of which I achieve within Community on a daily basis. @RandiThompson 

The ServiceTitan community has been my go to for help on questions from real users. Although the Academy is great for training, sometimes there are quirky things that we need to make happen in ServiceTitan...the community has always come through for us! @MirandaMel 

If you are a ServiceTitan Customer, and are either looking for help with a workflow, or are simply looking for tips or tricks to get past a problem, the ServiceTitan Community site is the place for you to go. The ServiceTitan team uses all the feedback from that site to create new experiences in future versions of ServiceTitan. @SteveCossette 

ServiceTitan community has given us a platform to share our voice and best practices within the trades, I've learned a lot just by being an active member on here and I enjoy helping others by sharing my knowledge and feedback through my experiences along the way! @Sheena_Palacios 

Cheers to YOU

Over the last 12 months we have focused on giving you opportunities to engage, learn, and grow with each other, and the results are pretty amazing.

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Time to share your thoughts below! How was your first year in Community?

Valued Contributor II

I am so thankful for our ST community! It has definitely helped me do better in my role as a CSR. Thank you to everyone who supports it. What a lovely post to celebrate 1 year!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This is amazing to see those numbers!  It feels like the community has always been here and I have loved getting to know others and the companies they work for...and of course all the other fun stuff like the pets, work station stuff, and all the milestones and celebrations.  Looking forward to many more years!

ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

what a great piece you put together, @e_dunn. I love the data visual from our Titan Intelligence Data ❤️

Former Titan

Thank you @Sheena_Palacios!

Believe me when I say it is our absolute honor and privilege to create this space for all! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing team of folks who support all of what you see 🎉@baraica @LBabayan @CassandraDMC @snehalprod 

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This is awesome! Happy Anniversary Community members 👏🏼
Thank you all for contributing and being a part of something bigger! #TradesShowUp

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thank you @e_dunn for putting this together and including some of us! It is an honor! Thank you for all you do to help your customers and Community Members! ❤️

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would have thought this community had been around longer given how well established it is already

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I feel like we just got community. Can't believe it has been a year already! 


I adore being part of this Community.  It has helped immeasurably not just with information, suggestions, or ideas, but being part of a larger group of people all experiencing this software together.

My Daily Task List has been updated to include "Check Community" now because it has been such a useful resource and a welcome place to browse articles.

Glad to be part of it!