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Welcome back from Pantheon! 

Last week I had the privilege of presenting at #Pantheon23 with the amazing Areni Mahdessian, who is a Product Management Director here at ServiceTitan. Together, we shared some tips for setting up your call center to increase employee engagement, as well as tips for increasing customer engagement. Areni really demonstrated features in ServiceTitan that can help your call centers be more effective and efficient. 

As part of our session, we also launched the long awaited, Call Center Playbook Template. This is stored as a google doc that must be copied. Once you copy this document, you can edit the playbook to fit the needs of your company. Inside of the playbook there are different sections for you to complete or edit, and others that have been completed for you.

The purpose of this template is to help you create a training book for your team members so that everyone knows the plays. They understand the scripts, the expectations, the processes and the procedures. It's a tool to help your team get on the same page so that all involved understand the plays, the actions and the focus of the team. 

If you'd like additional information and guidance on how to really utilize the playbook, you can watch this 17 minute training video to walk you through it. 

Please let me know your thoughts and how you've taken this template and made it work for your team!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I missed this session at Pantheon and am finally getting around to all the ones I missed!  The Playbook Template is phenomenal...thank you so much!

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You're welcome @MirandaMel!


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