Updating material costs

How is everyone efferently updating their material costs in the pricebook. I'm working on my "fall list" and dynamic pricing is on the list which will require an overhaul of our pricebook. But the first issue I'm concerned with is keeping the materia...

RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Pricebook Services

If I add material to a service, for example, during a toilet installation the tech can use a 2 in. flapper or a 3 in. flapper. If I add both those materials in the service. Can the tech mark which one he used and remove the other?

Asantos1tp by New Contributor II
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Pricebook (Services vs Equipment vs Material)

I have a couple of questions in regards to the Pricebook setup.I created the material list (plumbing fittings), equipment list (toilets, water heaters, well pump) and services (install new toilet, install new water heater etc.)My question is:If I add...

Asantos1tp by New Contributor II
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Pricebook vs Pricebook Pro

Hello,We are currently using Pricebook Pro but are not using the features and benefits we are paying for. We would like to go back to the regular pricebook, but can't remember how it differs in terms of visually in the app and the tech experience. I ...

sreas by New Contributor
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Need some help

I am spending way too much time in my pricebook database. I can't unlock certain points because Titan Advisor says I have not met Assign active vendors to pricebook itemsIn your pricebook, assign active replenishment vendors to equipment and material...

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dynamic Pricing

Need some advice here. We use dynamic pricing rules for all of our customers, residential and commercial. For titan score purposes we need to have client specific pricing rules set up and have a default rate sheet created. is this something we will j...

HBromberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Business Unit Specific Pricing

Does anyone have an update on when the Business Unit Specific Pricing might be available? Specifically interested in using it with rate sheets (Different trades use different material markups). My commercial division is in desperate need of this now....

sjaeger by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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New to Pricebook

Hello All,Just started with my company and my role is to take ownership of our Pricebook. Currently it is unorganized, difficult to use, and missing lots of products/information. Any suggestions on how to get started or resources that would be helpfu...

Rachel_B by New Contributor
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