BU Goal Tracking

I have an idea I would like to promote. I am going to post it to multiple threads. Here we go:In the BU settings you can set a daily revenue goal. It's the Goal field. Duh. What if they labeled it Revenue Goal? And then, what if, just bear with me, w...

debbloui by New Contributor III
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Pricebook Cost vs. Received Cost Comparison Report

Curious if anyone has built a report or combination of reports that easily compares the existing costs for materials and equipment in Pricebook to the last received costs for those items.We have challenges with suppliers not communicating price incre...

davids_b by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Operations Cost

Good morning -I am looking for a report that will show daily / weekly / monthly operating costs.Looking for the ability to break down by department and show cost vs income. Any suggestions?

Forecasting Report

I am looking for a way to forecast busy and slow seasons so we can better anticipate how to schedule our office and technicians. Is there a report that can better show comparatives for how many calls came in and how many jobs were attended on a week ...

AmyD by New Contributor
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Glossary of ST Dashboard Terms?

Is there a glossary that exists that shows all the explanation of the terms used on the modular dashboard? I have the download of the mobile scorecard sheet and it has the ones for that on it, but I am looking for a full glossary.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Automatically Exporting Data from Reports to Looker Studio?

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well.There are lots of great reports with ServiceTitan, but for our company, we are really looking for specific KPIs for sales and marketing, for example, we want to see more than just the inbound calls, we want to ...

devinYND by New Contributor
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