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I recently had a contractor reach out and ask a question about how to handle the "How much does it cost?" question when the customer asks how much a duct cleaning costs. In the 10 minute Training Video, "The How much does it cost question," I shared that a proven way to combat this question is by asking questions. So what are some sample questions and how would that look? 

Here is a script to show some possible questions. When possible, add a little value after the customer answers each question. 

For example:
Customer: How much does it cost for a duct cleaning?

CSR: I'd be happy to get you a price for that. Can you tell me the size of your home? 

Customer: 2500 square feet

CSR: Is that all on one level? Customer: no - two levels

CSR: Do you know how many vents do you have? 

Customer: No - should I count? 

CSR: That's ok, an estimate will be fine... We just like to have an idea of how big the job is so we can allocate the proper amount of time. 

Customer: About 20

CSR: Thank you! When was the last time the ducts were cleaned? 

Customer: They haven't been cleaned since we bought the home

CSR: That's ok! Our technicians will do an inspection of the vents before they begin. (Then ask questions about the home and family) Have you had any recent construction or remodeling? Do you have any pets that shed? Do you have any family members that suffer with allergies or asthma? 

Customer: (replies)

CSR: Do you currently have a humidifier or air cleaner to help with air particles? 

CSR: Do you want regular pricing or our membership pricing? (Assuming that you do memberships) 

Customer: What is your membership pricing (this gives you an opportunity to upsell)

CSR: Can you please tell me where your main trunk is located... is it in a closet, basement, garage or attic space? 

Customer: Attic

CSR: Great, I'll make sure the technician has a ladder. (Then tell a little about the process... "Our technician will start by inspecting the vents and system. They will.... XYZ... When the technician is finished he/she will do a sanitization of the vents and make sure the air flow is evenly distributed throughout the home.")

CSR: Are you having any AC or heating issues currently? We just like to make sure the system is in proper working order before we work on the vents. 

Customer: Everything is running fine. (If not, offer a diagnostic fee)

CSR: When was the last time it was serviced? (If not in the last 12 months, offer a tune up as well)....

Once you've had a conversation about the system, the home, the vents, and the duct cleaning process, as well as identified any other needs (such as a tune up, repair, or membership) then you can share the price of the duct cleaning and include the value of any warranties, guarantees, etc. that is included in the price. 

CSRs should also offer some education on how often a home should have ductwork cleaned based upon the circumstances of the home (pets, family members with allergies). Before you offer a price you ask all of these questions to CONNECT with the customer, show that you CARE, and to show that your company is COMPETENT, and definitely worth the price that you just quoted.