Ideas for Garage Door Companies

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey Guys,

I spent a ton of time on the Ideas section and the general ST Community Chat finally going through all the current Ideas out there submitted by fellow titans and giving my list of things I would love to see.  If you dont mind, can you go through and upvote all of these items if you think they would be relevant.  I know many of you are GDF members as well, and while you may not know exactly what some of these items mean, I can promise you that you will appreciate these features as you progress in your ST and GDF journey and would appreciate you checking them out and upvoting them.  Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or post any additional ideas you may have in the ideas sections.  Appreciate your support in this!!!

Below is a summary of the topic of the idea as well as the ID where you can find my more detailed description on what I would like to propose to the software.  I have general posts in the main ST Community page on all of these as well so you may have seen them already if you are following my posts. 


Internal Forms, warranty callback example COMMUNITY-I-2112
Form Answers adding tags or searchable COMMUNITY-I-2113
Ability to do math on ST reports COMMUNITY-I-2114
Better reporting on Cancelations on Dashboard COMMUNITY-I-2115
VFS Opportunities Double Counting COMMUNITY-I-2117
Notes Redesign COMMUNITY-I-2116
Estimate Management on Mobile after job close out COMMUNITY-I-2118
Discount and Fee overhaul, not applied to full invoice COMMUNITY-I-2119
Mobile Task Management (non Job jobs) COMMUNITY-I-2120
Better AR management section COMMUNITY-I-2121
Payroll Visibility in payroll approval to job costs COMMUNITY-I-2122
More communication within Payroll Approval COMMUNITY-I-2123
Take Deposit in Mobile COMMUNITY-I-2124
Headers on Accounting tab to match other modules in ST COMMUNITY-I-2125
Exportable review dataset COMMUNITY-I-2126
SE ability to reschedule existing jobs (ie Install jobs) COMMUNITY-I-2127
Call transcription within Service Titan COMMUNITY-I-2128
visual of audio when listening to a call COMMUNITY-I-2129
True Ringless voicemail COMMUNITY-I-2130
Fixing PO options, prepaid discount, fuel Surcharge, etc COMMUNITY-I-2131
Truck to Truck transfers on Inventory App COMMUNITY-I-2132
Automated PO ordering by Inventory template COMMUNITY-I-2133
Notification of when a truck changed on tech COMMUNITY-I-2134
Mass Print of selected invoices COMMUNITY-I-2135
Element Mist

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Apparently doing refunds and having correct accounting for it is a nightmare.   can u make a video on how in the world to do a refund and it is accounted for correctly. i refunded the credit card on an accidental overcharge (my guy charged for 2 sets of rollers instead of 1 set) but the problem now is it looks like the customer owes me $275.

someone needs to show the st people that it needs to be more intuitive . i shouldn't have to read a book of forums and still not figure it out lol

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey Cody,

Are you using ST Payments?  If so, you can set up integrated refunds and it makes the refund process very smooth and also takes care of the record keeping for you.  Hit me up and I can show you what it looks like and get on ST Payments if you are not, it makes life soooo much easier and saves a ton of time and money on back end work that companies spend their time doing.

Element Mist

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Thanks!  I felt the need to apologize at the beginning of this as I knew it was going to be a full on barrage.  Curious to see what people wake up to on Monday morning and look at.  Hopefully a lot of upvotes that get these ideas in front of all the proper ST people though I have shared versions of this list many times, but I think the broader support of the community saying we want these idea will help immensely.  I crossed a few items off my list when going through the Ideas section but was surprised how many of these ideas were relatively unique.  @JessicaSmith Thanks for reading through them all and providing your feedback and appreciate your support and endorsement on these!

Element Mist

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This is a LOT of ideas. I admire your dedication.

Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions