Service Titan Finance and Turns Finance Customer Facing

Hello ST Community! We went live on 9/22 and are working on understanding how Service Titan Finance and Turns Finance works, I want to streamline it in the system for customer facing presentation. How do we show the customers the options or abilities...

zbuda by New Contributor
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Estimate #s

We just starting using Estimates in Service Titan. We were previously typing them in Word and sending them out to the customers. When you create an Estimate, an Estimate # is generated but that number changes when it is sold/converted. Why are the Jo...

Resolved! Build Estimate button on Location Screen

Someone mentioned a Build Estimate button on the location screen that would allow to build an estimate that would show in follow ups without booking a job. @KirstenGoTime was that you? I need to know what that config is called because my CSM can't fi...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Maintenance Checklist Forms

We have built forms for all the types of HVAC maintenance we do including triggers and tagging to the equipment. For prospects who are looking to see what is included in the maintenance service, we want to be able to send them a copy of the form chec...

vha9215 by New Contributor II
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Customer facing estimates/invoices

Chimney company needing some help. Hopefully someone has figured out a feature/setting/work around for what my company is needing. Currently the way we have our pricebook setup is our services are viewed as repairs or installs. Under the service we h...

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Dynamic Pricing is Amazing!!!

Dynamic Pricing is Amazing!!! I have one roadblock keeping me from fully implementing. Dynamic Pricing is amazing on estimates, but it is horrifying on the invoices. I can not think of a use case where I would want to Re-calculate a price that a cust...

blutz by Contributor III
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Why are you taking up my screen?

Why are you taking up a large section of my screen with your banner telling me to update my estimate? I am building an estimate! I do not need to update every item I enter, but as soon as I enter one item - here comes your banner - taking up my scree...

jtullous by New Contributor II
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Creation of estimate templates from actual estimates

If a tech writes a fantastic and descriptive estimate, there MUST be some way to save it as an estimate template for future use. There used to be a button on the mobile estimate view or possibly the present that allowed the estimates to be saved as t...

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