CSR and Dispatcher Roles

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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for a detailed list of jobs that you have for CSR and Dispatcher. I have one CSR at the moment and I am the dispatcher and Service Coordinator. Eventually, I will just be the Service Coordinator and will train someone else to be the dispatcher. I would love to hear what you have each of these positions do. If you happen to have a service Coordinator or a manager in charge of CSR and Dispatcher, I would love that list as well. I appreciate your time. If you would like to email me, please feel free to Melissa.p@hunterservicegroup.com




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Here's a brief breakdown of what our company did when we had a two-person office team, hope this helps give a little insight. We've since added another CSR to our team, but I'm still responsible for both dispatch and office operations.

Dispatch + Office Manager

  • Technician and department manager point-of-contact
  • Optimize technician routes, set scheduling capacity, review tickets for accuracy
  • Process and schedule authorized work
  • Manage high-value client profiles (we have a membership program)
  • Set the daily/wkly/mo.ly agenda for CSR workflow and skills development
  • Supervise and support CSRs with their daily workflow


  • Managing inbound calls, scheduling service calls
  • Forward inquiries and inbound follow-ups to the related manager or technician
  • Offering and scheduling jobs related to seasonal campaigns
  • Perform scheduled outbound follow-ups for feedback, opportunity conversion, and selling memberships
  • Reaching out to members to schedule inspections included with their benefits
  • Organizing and reviewing profiles for seasonal internal audits

Good luck!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator


Jessica Woodruff Smith, LadyTitans Co-Founder & Process Manager at AirWorks Solutions

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Hey Melissa, check out this video that Conner made! It helped us define the roles in our company.