National Customer Service Week is Next week!!

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Did you know next week is National Customer Service Week (Oct. 3-7)? And we are celebrating YOU!!

This year's theme is "Because You're Essential" - and you all are! We have put together a list of 21 ideas on our Titans & Friends blog that you can choose from! Pick a few of these ideas to do in your office to help honor and celebrate those on your team who are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Bee-cause we all know that a happy customer is a repeat customer! 

Stay tuned into our CSR Dispatcher Group here in Community as well because we have some special treats and contests in store. Every day you'll have an opportunity to participate and win some fun prizes!

  • Motivational Monday 
  • Terrific Team Mate Tuesday
  • Weird Call Wednesday
  • THIS is Thursday
  • FriYAY!

Invite your team to join in the fun!