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Hi Everyone, 

My call center is struggling with getting our normalized booking rate up. We are hovering anywhere between 14% to 17%. Does anyone have any pointers on how to bring this up? 


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Do you have a call flow? Do you use any call coaching program; external or in house? What are the driving factors for non booked leads?

We use an "urgency list". This tool alone increased our booking rates. If you do not already use this- You book the customer for your next confirmed availability. You let them know they are marked as urgent so if an opening becomes available sooner we will move them forward. We use the urgency tag on jobs when booking so we can easily locate jobs to pull forward when we get openings. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Have you set targets for your CSR's to book to?  Are there consistent things that are causing customers to not book with you?

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Can you provide a copy of the call scripting you are using? 

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