Resolved! Commercial Memberships

hello ladies!First time positing in here. I'm hoping to get some help with commercial memberships. We're an HVAC company, and I'm the office manager. I'm hopeful there is an easier way to track memberships in the system.For Residentials, we service t...

LadyTitans Bag

Hello, ladies!I saw a photo from last years Pantheon with a LadyTitans bag...I don't see it in the swag store...anyone know where it came from?

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dynamic Pricing Changes Mid Call

I was wondering if any one has had this happen to them. Our tech presented a price $164 static, but the price updated during the signing process to $191 dynamic price. However when he charged the client it reverted back to the static price and made a...

carruba by New Contributor
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Support Idea - Group Cases an idea I had as when we are experiencing issues, many companies reach out to facebook or here on community to see if others are experiencing the same. It would be wonderfully transp...

mirdesch by Contributor II
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Does the culture ever wear on you?

Just curious - At my first Plumbers we had a fair amount of female dispatchers so the culture was pretty tame, but as I am the only female in my new company, I feel like I work in a locker room! I don't mind it at all. I'm 49, I've heard literally ev...

Longer Recurring Services

Hello! Anyone know how I could set up a recurring service for every 5 years?? We have an instance in our business where this would be helpful but the longest I can see on the recurring services setting page is seasonal. Any hacks or work arounds?Than...

mirdesch by Contributor II
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