Technician Split Report

Hey Everyone! Looking to get some feedback. We recently implemented Configurable Payroll and have lost our legacy reporting options. We are looking for a new report that includes the technician splits, spoke with our CSM and sounds like they do not c...

Erpkmilliken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Building Dashboards in Domo

I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with building Domo dashboards or reports by pulling in your info via the API from ServiceTitan? Since Total and Completed Revenue are not fields you cannot directly pull in via the API - so how are you...

RyanGay by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Inactive vs Active Customer List

I need to build a report that gives me all customers with a column that lists if they are active or inactive. I do not see that particular option in building a report or current reports.

Report - All Calls Ran Yesterday

I work with a construction company and I have jobs that go on for months with an appointment for each day the tech goes to the job. The past appointments will be marked as done. I need to run a report for the previous day of all the jobs that we went...

Cerena by New Contributor
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Reporting Material Revenue and Markup

HiI'm trying to build a report that shows material revenue broken down between revenue from purchase orders as well as van stock, which we have setup as materials with a default value that technicians can modify.All the reporting I can find shows a s...

jpovey by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Membership Conversion is 0 or 100?

We are having an issue with membership conversion rate reporting only being 0% or 100%. We only offer auto renewal memberships, is this metric for renewals due? Is there a way to accurately track how frequently we sell a new membership vs non-member ...

George_SST by New Contributor III
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Sales Tracking

We have a sales team that takes in new leads and follows up on them, sends estimates, etc. We also have technicians that are able to upsell on their jobs as well. We are able to track the technicians pretty well. The sales team is proving difficult. ...

seemore by New Contributor II
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Idea needs votes! Reporting on invoice review status want to be able to schedule a report that will give my department heads a poke that they have invoices that have not been reviewed in transaction hub. Please add this as a KPI on that d...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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