ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Here are some of my key takeaways:

  1. 71% of business volume comes from word-of-mouth referrals.
  2. The top concerns are the recession, labor shortages, access to working capital, and labor and overhead costs.
  3. You should NOT cut training or marketing when business is slow.
  4. Only 30% of people are engaged in their jobs.
  5. Establish trust with your people and set clear expectations.
  6. A slow season for techs means a busy season for the call center as they drum up work.
  7. The call center needs a place in the office to decompress.
  8. The 3 roles of the call center are to book the call, create an amazing customer experience, and drive business success.
  9. The CSR’s job is to make the dispatchers miserable (half joking) with so many appointments.
  10. Measurables in the call center include the call volume, conversion rate, # of jobs booked and quality control %.
  11. One company had a 40% Increase in revenue by call back customers that did not book!!!
  12. Other KPIs to track include the call abandonment rate, service levels, conversion rates and average order value and error rate.
  13. Gather monthly agent feedback surveys.
  14. Voice bots are the new frontier.
  15. Speech analytics = automated quality assurance.
  16. Do NOT have “existing customer” as a lead source.
  17. When hiring instead of saying “now hiring”, say “open for enrollment” and make is a service academy.
  18. Each CSR should be making at least 100 calls a day.
  19. I was able to figure out why my ACP was messed up for December 29th, yay!
  20. 3 components to a job ad are: tell them what they get, what you give, and what you need.
  21. Trello is a great FREE resource.
  22. A client of Chicken Lady’s (Kathy) has it set up so that when her employees call into her office it shows up the color of their personality assessment to remind her.
  23. 78% of our customers are women.
  24. If someone calls in for a service you don’t offer, tell them about the services you do offer, chances are they need your services too.
  25. Use the Start-Stop-Reverse process when getting pushback on the phone.
  26. Never say “I’m sorry” or you own it.
  27. Dispatch Pro removes any bias your CSRs and dispatchers may have.
  28. A.I. is great if the servant is not the master.
  29. IRAP = isolate, resolve, ask, pause.
  30. The 3 Es of development are environment, equipment, and exposure.
  31. Your training budget should be 3-5% of your annual budget.
  32. Techs should be watching Field Features with Marguex

Obviously, these are just a tiny sampling of my notes but if you like what you see then be sure to sign up for the next Call Center Edition already in the works.