ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

This year's Pantheon held a special distinction as I was accompanied by three of my stellar teammates. Cheyenne, one of my CSRs, was given a challenge prior to us leaving. She rose to the occasion by becoming a certified Service Titan Administrator, making her presence even more meaningful. Watching her, support Jo, my Field Manager and Head of Sales, speaking on the panel about "Crushing the Sale," and Madison, my CSR and Fluesbrothers super user, sitting on a panel about Community and presenting a class titled "Beyond Onboarding," was a moment of immense pride. It was their inaugural time speaking at such an event, and their impact was palpable, garnering compliments from attendees. The sentiment echoed by many: I am incredibly fortunate to have such an extraordinary team.


Amidst the many delightful aspects of Pantheon, from enlightening classes to delectable meals, my favorite part was the reunion with fellow sweeps and titans. Whether meeting after a year or for the first time, the sense of camaraderie was invigorating. It affirmed my belief that Service Titan is more than just software; it is a thriving community. If you're solely utilizing the software for your daily operations and missing out on the community aspect, you're missing out on a substantial part of the Service Titan experience.

I wholeheartedly embrace the opportunities presented by ST @Spark sessions. A revelation from these sessions amplified the magic—discovering a fellow participant hailing from my own Kansas City. She had yet to experience the grandeur of Pantheon and hesitated to venture alone. Seizing the chance, I extended an invitation to join my group. This turned out to be an extraordinary moment, allowing us to forge a deeper connection beyond the confines of Zoom. It truly underscored the remarkable power of networking within the dynamic realm of our Spark Session.

Our journey with Service Titan has been greatly influenced by our former Customer Success Manager, Kacey. Despite her promotion to Pro Products, our connection remains strong, a testament to the lasting impact she's had on our success. For those wondering how to dive into the community, start by signing in and exploring all that it has to offer. Engage in Ember sessions and Lady Titans, don't miss out on upcoming webinars and live classes, pursue becoming a Service Titan Certified Administrator, and suggest ideas to further enhance the software. The responsiveness of Service Titan to user suggestions is truly remarkable.


A valuable tip: stay subscribed to blogs and emails, seize every opportunity to learn about updates through webinars, and ask your burning questions. Finally, mark your calendars for Pantheon 2024—it's an event that promises immense satisfaction and growth.

What were your most memorable moments from this year's Pantheon? 

To give you a glimpse of this memorable journey, I've included some cherished moments in the form of photos from this year's convention.

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