timesheet summary split into weeks

The timesheet summary use to be able to be set to multiple weeks. Our company is paid on a bi-weekly schedule, and would like to see the report be able to see 2 weeks at a time not split.. Is anyone having issues with this?

moe by New Contributor
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Office Timesheets

What does everyone do for Vacation days and Sick days on office timesheets? I found a workaround for it but it is hugely inconvenient and cumbersome.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Office Timesheet Notes

Is there really not an option to add a note to an employee's timesheet? I've only been using this system for a few months, possible I'm just not aware of it?You can vote for this idea

Shyanne by New Contributor II
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Bulk Time Reallocation

Hello,I am wondering if it's possible to reallocate time/ hours from one work ticket to another. I have 500 plus hours allocated to the wrong ticket that I need to move to the correct ticket. If anyone knows if/ how this can be done your help would b...

bpitman by New Contributor II
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