Appointment Scheduled Report

Hey there!I am trying to build a report to see all calls scheduled for future dates and how many hours they are scheduled for. I have all of my other columns selected but I can't seem to find one for scheduled hours. Am I missing something?

I need your best suggestions!

We are learning new ways to make Service Titan work in our workforce to increase our communication. Other than task management, what is your best suggestion for keeping track of customers calling in for follow-ups? I promised my boss I'd post this - ...

Job Costing Customer Name idea

I came across this idea: that Job Costing includes the Customer name...go give it a vote!

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customers without an Email address

Hey everyone! So I need a report that shows customers without an email address. The report I'm currently working on has the customer name, customer email, location email, and location address. I have both email columns filtered as 'is empty'. Unfortu...

iwarren39 by New Contributor III
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Job Completion / Invoiced Report

Is there a report option that includes completed jobs with a column that indicates if the invoice has been posted and/or exported? We currently use "tasks" to assign the job to internal office employees to complete their job functions (enter vendor i...

KDahmen by New Contributor II
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Custom Dashboards just made me look like a smarty-pants!

So each day I do an end of day report. I've created a few reports that I run so that the boss has an idea of where we were yesterday, where we are now, and what to expect tomorrow. Also, he loves seeing if Estimates have been written and sent by tech...

Revenue Report

I am looking to get a report emailed over weekly for the previous week's work that has been completed based on the split. I need to see each job along with technician and the revenue like below. Which report would I use for that?

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 8.22.35 AM.png
lmoyer by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inventory Rollforward Report

Is there a report that exists or that could be created that starts with inventory balance as of a certain date and then shows all of the activity (inflows and outflows) to the balance as of a different date? Happy to do something in excel outside of ...