Performance Pay/Configurable Payroll

Hi! I work for a Home Services company (HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical) and we are interested in implementing performance-based pay.I am just curious what others' experience is with this and what your most successful structure is?We were looking to st...

Resolved! HVAC Pricebook set up

Does anyone know who can help me set up my pricebook for HVAC. It seems like my onboarders do not even have a reasonable suggestion. ThanksKevin

kkreutzer by New Contributor
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XOi Technologies Feedback

For those of you who use XOi Technologies in your business, what is your feedback, both pro's and con's, on your experience with XOi?

stephen11 by New Contributor
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'Sold by' commission for individual items in the pricebook

Does anyone know if there is a way to track sales commissions for individual items in the pricebook? Right now the only option I see for sales commissions, is to configure the "Sold By" field in the technician's payroll profile. This way you can only...


Does ST have a calendar function like Google Calendar? Google calendars have different types that you can create such as a work calendar, birthday calendar...We're looking to create calendars for our larger projects ahead of time.

ellenherris by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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