Restricting Technicians Permission to Edit Tasks from Pricebook

We have had incidences where technicians think they are being helpful or can short corner a job by editing the task description that they have selected. We can restrict their permissions from editing the pricing of a task, but need to make sure that ...

AmyD by New Contributor
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Technician Lodging and Expenses on Projects

We have many projects that require overnight stays by our technicians and they use company credit cards to pay for all of that including their food. That has to be costed against the profitability of the job.I've yet to find a decent workflow for the...

tmayfiel by New Contributor
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Why can't I see a form a tech finished in the app on the office side?

We created a Titan form the technicians use to put in the property information. Once the technician has finished the form and closed the job. I can't see the form on the office side. But the technician can still see it in the app. Is there a easy way...

DOO509 by New Contributor
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Automatic invoice emailing - send estimates and pictures too

We just turned on the feature of automatically emailing invoices. However this feature does not automatically send any estimates built or pictures that are attached to the job. So our techs need to send another email anyway if there are estimates or ...

ALockington by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Pause feature on jobs

So i learned today that there is a limit of 5 paused jobs on the techs schedule. My guys use the paused jobs as a reminder that they are waiting on things for those jobs. They were wondering if there was a way that they could be allowed to see all of...

transfor by New Contributor
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pre-paid Service agreements & material tracking

We have customers that pre-pay for " 8 visits /year, and it includes 15 bags of salt per year" how can TECHS / schedulers keep track of the salt that has been 'left' thru the year ? ie- visit 1 - 3 bags leftvisit 2 - 2 bags leftso when tech goes for ...

collinst by New Contributor II
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Tagging based on form answers

I need jobs to be tagged based on answers to questions on forms. I found two separate ideas for this- please go vote for these!!COMMUNITY-I-1050COMMUNITY-I-1681

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Discounts To Services

Has anyone found a way to apply a Discount to a Service and NOT to materials at the invoice stage of a job?

d1nonly10 by New Contributor II
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Estimate screen

On the mobile side how do we get the signature box to be darker. I've had a few customers that can't see the box. the signatures for the invoice are darker.

kpfaehle by New Contributor II
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