Resolved! Forms Categorizing Forms Like Services and Materials

I would like to see the category system that is applied to services and materials applied to forms. It would make it easier for the techs to find a form. Right now they have to scroll through a list a mile long for them to find the one they may need.

CGS by New Contributor
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Smart Form: Job Completion Checklist

Looking for an HVAC Install Job Completion Checklist Smart Form which pre-populates customer and job info. Does anyone have one they are willing to share?

Jordan by New Contributor
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Uploading Forms

I'm attempting to upload forms to ST that are the correct file type and even show up in the preview when I upload them they say that they are successfully uploaded but they never appear in our list of forms.Anyone ever experienced this??If no has I'l...

spetrie by Contributor II
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PDF Files uploading to Projects

Hi everyone I was wondering if any of you are having any difficulty with project uploading plans? When you upload plans PDF into the job the techs can not see the plans until the job is completed and closed out. what is the best practice to upload pl...

QBO Sales Receipts

My Sales Receipts from QBO weren't attached to jobs when our data was transferred over to Service Titan, so now they don't show up in history for the mobile side. I can see them from the office side, but if my customers paid at the time of service an...

marens1 by New Contributor
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Viewing pictures on active job

Recently my techs have been having an issue where they cannot view pictures uploaded previously to jobs until the job is closed. A ServiceTitan rep told us that is an intentional feature? Is this really the case? The pictures are much more valuable w...

MattUHC by New Contributor
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Resolved! Payment

What do I do if a tech applied a payment to the wrong customer 

Vgarrison by New Contributor
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