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We appreciate all of our members and want to remind you all to subscribe to the content so you are updated when we people post! You will see below where to find this subscription information. If you have any issues with this let me or @brandiCVCSucce...

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Dear valued member, Welcome to Chimney Chat, a group dedicated to discussing all things related to chimneys and fireplaces. We are thrilled to have you join us and look forward to engaging with you on all things chimney related. As a member of our gr...

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What is the feature you are most excited about for the new release? I am hearing from my clients they are most excited about being able to change the estimate expiration date. What is yours?

EMOJIS!!!!!! 😁😍🤣

My whole ST life has changed!!! I learned that you can use EMOJIS in tags, and tried it in Chats and I'm not sure how I never knew this, but WHOA!!! This has made my day - who knew? Thank you, Lady Titans Lounge session today for that tidbit!

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Resolved! Chimney Pricebook

Hello,Our company is new to ST and im happy to see this group for chimney and fireplace. I was wondering if anyone here could offer any advice, insight or share how their price book is set up? I'd like to find some success stories and gain some knowl...

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Added my Idea to another Category

My Idea only has 30 Votes in the Customer Communications Category, so I decided to also add it to the DISPATCH Category, to see if it will get more votes!Here it is, if you would like to vote for it! TIA!

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What are you weekend plans?

I know it is only Thursday but is everyone doing this weekend? My favorite weekends include going to the dog park, long naps and Netflix. This weekend I am taking my teenage daughter to the airport. She is headed to Costa Rica on a mission trip.