Wait, what year is it? (Welcome to the CSR/Dispatcher group in 2023!)


Can you believe we are already halfway through January of the new year?! Since we are a few weeks into this new year, I hope that means your personal goals for this year are going strong. Or at least, you’ve had a chance to start again with them. 😅It’s only funny cause it’s true.

Not only do you and your company’s have goals, but myself and @asnow  have some goals for this group as well. Our main goal this year is to create more content that you want to see and have more interactions with all of you! Those could be things like helpful tips, live Zoom chats, questions about fun things your company/call center may do, and much more. 

In order to tailor this group to all of your needs, that means we need to hear from you! Since we have almost 200 of us in this group now, go ahead and reintroduce yourself in the chat and tell us what you would like to hear from us this year. Also, don’t forget that this is your group! Don’t just comment, but think of something you could post. We have had some really great questions asked by you all and have had a lot of fun seeing all of your pets. So keep it coming!

All of that being said, we are excited that you are all here with us and can’t wait to see this group continue to grow throughout the rest of 2023!


Conner W.

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I would be interested


My name is Zak, I am a dispatcher in WA state. Newer to HVAC but been dispatching for nearly two decades....wow. I would love a zoom chat. I would also be interested in seeing what other companies do for fun. We spend more time at work than we do with our families (excluding sleeping, so we have to have some fun at work). I am also always interested in our "wins for the week" What did you do, or what happened that was just awesome this week? It is human nature to dwell on the negative so let's all celebrate something positive! 

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I LOVE this! I am all about incorporating fun into our day-to-day - because it's so true... We spend SO much time working, and it's not always fun work. I am looking to implement more into our schedule too. Our technicians work very independently most of the time, so bringing the team together is important to me. I am hoping to host some fun BBQs or something to include families. But I also want to do an outing to a baseball game or something! We are lucky enough to have a minor league and a major league in our state, both of which offer super fun options. Definitely hope some others reply with some other fun ideas - hopefully some that we can incorporate during the day. It's tough because all of our guys are out all day everyday and hardly come to the office, so it's hard for me to do anything quick and fun there for them! I do keep a bowl of candy out, and they love that 😂

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Love this!!!

We are plumbing in San Francisco - When we do group/fun things we do big BBQs in the warehouse 🙂  I love your positive attitude.

Chelsea Robinson
Ace Plumbing and Rooter
Project Coordinator

"If onlys and justs were candies and nuts, then every day would be Erntedankfest." - Dwight K Schrute

Thank you very much. I try to have an attitude of gratitude. I am looking forward to the spring and summer and all the great BBQs in store! 

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would be interested! 

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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Would anyone be interested in doing a LIVE event via zoom with me and Conner? I would love to meet everyone in person (virtually). 😁

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I would be interested too!

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Yes, I'd love that!!