3rd party who checks your phone numbers and phone lines

Does anyone use a 3rd party vendor to check their phone lines on a weekly/monthly basis? We are looking for a company that can check them for us. I would like to get data on all 250 phone numbers of ours like:Does it connectTime to connectTime to ans...

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I wanted to drop in and whish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! I'm burning the last of my PTO and will hopefully not be logging in and working from 12/21-12/28 lol See y'all next year!

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How To Set Goals for Your Business or Department

As a leader in the trades, you are always busy; there are deals to close, emails to reply to, and fires to put out. However, there are enormous benefits to ensuring you put energy into proactive planning rather than being reactive. That’s difficult t...

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My first experience working in the trades was at a small family residential re-roofing company. I started as the receptionist and my training (in its entirety) was “sit in that chair and answer that phone”. I did everything I could to learn everythin...


Commercial CSR

Our company is starting to do more commercial work. We are wanting to move one of our CSR's to be a fully Commercial CSR that also handles the home warranty claims we do work for. Does anyone have a CSR that is fully a commercial CSR?What does that l...

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Completed Revenue Credit on a $0 invoice

How can we get the revenue from a membership job count towards a technicians completed revenue, even though the invoice has a $0 amount? There is an issue with the fact that the techs are not getting credit for a membership call on their revenue numb...

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Resolved! Account Managers

Is there a way to assign account managers to customers/locations? This would be a helpful add to the CRM and would allow for reporting based on account management responsibilities....

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Vote for this! :)

Automated cancellations VOTE FOR THIS!! PLEASE! This is our busiest time of year and not having to send these out would be a gamechanger

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Announcement: LadyTitans’ Next Chapter…🚀

Over the years, ServiceTitan has had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to the growth of LadyTitans. It has been a journey filled with inspiring experiences, shared learnings, and growth. We are incredibly proud of what we have built togeth...