PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make see all notes option for the new version. I know that not every company wants to see all the notes, but my company relies heavily on notes especially while on the phone with customers. There is no room for error or delay w...

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Loss of information when batching/exporting.

Does anyone else have loss of information when batching/exporting invoices/payments. The service location no longer creates or matches invoices to that location. It puts everything in the parent company. It doesn't carry over payment terms. email add...

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Resolved! Changing a customers billing location

I have one customer who became our customer in April of 2022 at location A. This year she bought location B and still owes A. She now lives in B and her daughter lives in A. She wants B to be the billing location. How do I change her account so that ...

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Customer Information Page

I am referring to the area where you enter customers new information. Location and Billing needs more fillable options. I think this is the area where there should be a field to ask additional questions. This gives us a better 'flow'. Example questio...

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Emailing job invoice, and estimates option (Office Side)

Has anyone else lost the option to email the job invoice and estimate together on the office side? I just noticed the option to include estimates as a PDF when you click the email button on the invoice page was gone. I just got with tech support but ...

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Resolved! Real estate company customer/location records

We work with multiple real estate companies and buyers to provide real estate inspections before a purchase. With regard to customer cards and locations, what is the recommended way to keep track of real estate companies with multiple agents who have...

Copy/Paste Text from Images in Office

Our field team doesn't always get new equipment information saved to file while on-site which means our office staff will make the data entry after the fact during the review process. Our office team has been hand keying all of this information and.....

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