Formatting a Form

We have to print our forms out and there are many times where the formatting is so off that there are 3 inches of space between "questions". I really wish there was a way to condense that and have less empty space and less paper/ink. Any ideas on how...

shannon by New Contributor II
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Feature Changes

Every time a new feature is turned on it has a ripple affect - i.e. reports are removed, staff can't access what they typically need in their daily workflow processes. It would be extremely helpful if ServiceTitan had plans in place to pro-actively l...

lynn_off by New Contributor II
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Margin Notification

Hello, Is there a notification setting that alerts me when a job is about to be closed out by the tech and the margin is under a predetermined threshold by management? It would be nice if there was a feature that stops the process and requires a mana...

jcopley by New Contributor II
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Resolved! mulitple desgination

Currently, our service manager is under admin permissions but we are trying to add him as a tech to run service calls but it will not allow us to do so. Can he not have multiple permissions?

rebecca_1 by New Contributor
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Search for Customers and Locations

Would like to be able to search customers and locations by their last name only and have it sort by last name. Also when searching by address to be able to sort the information by address.

lpalladi by New Contributor III
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Create a Search Bar

Instead of having to click the magnifying glass in order to then search. Why not have a search bar (similar to google) where you can start typing and the system will auto-generate suggested options based on what is typed. And then from there, maybe h...

vollie71 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Task Management

Hi All,We are using Task Management for our Permit process it's working, Are you using it for Permits? If so is it working for you?ThanksRoger

rcampbel by New Contributor II
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Task Management

When I read the general use for Task Management it seems to be focused on customer complaints, refunds, and warranty parts. What I would like to use it for is accountability for duties for staff and techs. I would like to set a recurring task for tec...

debbloui by New Contributor III
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