Major Key to Employee Retention

When it comes to finding and retaining new employees, we know this is a super competitive market right now. I found an article in Contracting Business about a very simple thing that leaders can and should be doing to engage with their employees. The ...

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Group Feedback Session for Contact Management

ServiceTitan Community!! As some of you have seen on the facebook masterminds group, the CRM team and I have been hard at work on a new contact management functionality. Before we start building it we want to give you all a sneak peak and the opportu...

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Need Universal Search Bar or universal Search function

PLEASE create a single, universal search bar / search tool that finds any occurrence of a text string in any field of any table ("calls," "bookings," "leads," "customers," "jobs," "projects.") Having to look up things separately is absolutely ridicul...

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Edit Alert Emails

It would be great if we could edit alert emails. My goal is that once a job is sold, and alert email goes out to a specific team member with a link to a google form. This form is the process we want followed when jobs are sold. It would be such a sim...

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Workflow for Automating Follow Ups ✨

Hello Titan Fam I wanted to share a workflow I came up with for a customer of mine who was struggling with keeping on top of the day to day. Task management is a great tool for to-do list items, but we needed a way to automate this process - especial...

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the most annoying thing

One the job page, the scheduled appointments are in a table that I have scroll through. I can only see three appointments. The top appointment shown is the oldest, so if want to change something on an appointment I have made, I have to scroll through...

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Resolved! Time zone discrepancies

I work in a different time zone that my company is located in. I have the config turned on that locks the time zone so I can't mess up the schedule because I'm in a different time zone. But some things appear to me in my timezone (timesheets) and oth...

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Replacement Gross Margin (too low): Part 2

Well as the week ends let's look at the final five potential management actions that may need to be taken to achieve an industry standard KPI if your replacement gross margin is to low. We need to remember that CASH the residential home service indus...

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Resolved! Exporting to Excel is USELESS!!

What is even the point of offering to export reports to Excel if ServiceTitan can't even manage to separate the data into separate cells?! Getting a list of customer emails should be a simple task, but any account with multiple emails will export eve...

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