Dynamic Pricing

Hi All, I am in need of some help. We are trying to set up our upcharge for materials and are supposed to go into Dynamic Pricing, but we don't have that option in our pricebook. Can someone guide me to where I am supposed to go? I have the guide pul...

SarahW by New Contributor
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Tipping Technicians

Hello! Looking to see if anyone knows of anything that exists in ServiceTitan to integrate a tip system for technicians?

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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📢🎉🏅We have officially hit 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ customers certified!!! 🏅🎉 📢

We have officially hit 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ customers certified!!! Congratulations Antoinette Perez from Guy Smith Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for being our 500th customer to complete the Certified Administrator program!! Want to learn more about our Servic...


Field employees texting customers

I'm going to preface this with "I know it's possible." There are serious limitations. That said, here's my conundrum. We have Phones Pro. We want to stop issuing company cell phones to techs & sales people because they can have Phones Pro numbers and...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Commercial CSR

Our company is starting to do more commercial work. We are wanting to move one of our CSR's to be a fully Commercial CSR that also handles the home warranty claims we do work for. Does anyone have a CSR that is fully a commercial CSR?What does that l...

jmoutray by New Contributor II
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Go Vote!!!

DEVELOPERS - WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO INVOICE AFTER DEACTIVATING A MANAGED TECHThis needs to get as many votes as possible ASAP!It is time consuming and aggravating every single time we have to deactivate and reactivate techs for invoices or adjustments...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Uploading project plans?

Does anyone know if there is a way to upload large commercial construction plan files on to service titan for field techs to easily view on their mobile devices?

Justin88 by New Contributor
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