XOi Technologies Feedback

For those of you who use XOi Technologies in your business, what is your feedback, both pro's and con's, on your experience with XOi?

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[Watch Now] How to Deliver an Incredible Online Booking Experience

On Demand Schedule Engine WebinarHow to Deliver an Incredible Online Booking Experience - WATCH NOWThe majority of home service providers believe that more than 30% of their jobs will be booked through an online scheduling tool over the next three ye...

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'Sold by' commission for individual items in the pricebook

Does anyone know if there is a way to track sales commissions for individual items in the pricebook? Right now the only option I see for sales commissions, is to configure the "Sold By" field in the technician's payroll profile. This way you can only...

Removing Bulk Phone Numbers?

Due to our workflow we end up adding the technicians phone number to the customers profile on every job. Is there a way to provide a list of our technicians phone numbers and have them removed from those profiles at the end of the day or on our reque...

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Is there a way to move the dialpro box. It's in the way.

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Outbound Calling to numbers not in ST

When we signed up for ST, this made it impossible to make an outbound call from our actual office number without having to have the number in the system under a customer name. Is there a way to place a general call from the office number by just typi...

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