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Hey guys! Sometimes I deal with petty technicians who love to make the life of a dispatcher a little difficult. As much as we would all like guys just to go out and service the client without questions/pushback, well we don't live in that perfect wor...

Ashley101 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Appointments

Is there a way to add requirements to an appointment outside of a form for the "job". If they are on an install before they close that days appointment out they are prompted to put daily notes in or check specific items during the install for quality...

acaroluzzi by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Various Job Types on Single Appointment

What are your best practices for tracking Job Types with various different types of services performed on the same appointment? For example, a customer calls in and they have two separate issues; 1) Garbage Disposal Installation and 2) Toilet Repair....

sanapol by New Contributor
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Resolved! Open Call Report?

How can I see all open calls that have not been "completed", I need to be able to see any calls sitting out there in ST either as "Open", "Scheduled", "Paused" etc. Using the options below the dispatch board is not showing prior days jobs unless you ...

gamorosano by New Contributor II
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We are new to ST and I created an estimate and the homeowner accepted it, however I didn't book the job from there. Job is complete and I need to send the invoice but the invoice is blank. I did a chat this morning with customer service and was told ...

List of Customers Served to date

Does anyone know if there is a report that I can run to get a list of all the customers we have served year to date? So far all I have been able to find is customer list, which turns back a list of every customer in our system and not the customers t...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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Deposits on Financing Job

Hey ST Group - we had a concern come up during our managers meeting where we find ourselves in a pickle where a customer canceled a job they are financing, and provided no "like cash" deposit. This typically happens when a job is scheduled out. It's ...

Mcaulder by New Contributor
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Office to be able to pause jobs Found this idea and would love to get it some traction! It would be nice for office staff to be able to pause jobs as sometimes there are issues on tablets/internet...etc...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Emailing Customer with Job Updates

Is there a way to send an email to customers with updates on a job that is not complete without doing it through the invoice? This is for constructions jobs that are not complete and the GC and our project managers are wanting to be updated on what t...

Cerena by New Contributor
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