Memberships- Add ons

How do people deal with additional systems when setting up memberships? Our setup team is recommending making additional system an “add on” but it doesn’t seem as though an add on can have time allocated to it. Our residential memberships can have 7-...

Membership "Compounding" Credit

Our team is launching our membership program and is finally ironing out the details. One of the components we'd like to over to customers is a compounding credit for each year in the program. For example, after each year of being a member - they rece...

josheaton by New Contributor II
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Maintenance Plans/Memberships

Hello friends! Looking for some advice on best membership processes... We started up a new maintenance plan a few months ago. It is $11 per month with no initiation fee and includes a 10% discount ons ervice. Here are some of the issues we are runnin...

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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EFTs for payments on memberships

Is anyone accepting EFT payments for their monthly memberships? We currently have all of our customers on automatically monthly withdraws from their bank account. Trouble is ServiceTitan doesn't seem to have an easy way to process theses payments. Wo...

ChadBrown by New Contributor
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Membership Questions

Hey everyone!We are just starting to set up our memberships, and I wanted to find out how everyone out there handles the billing. For new installations (we do generators), it is easy to set up monthly payments with the purchase contract. When there i...

thaggerty by New Contributor III
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