Creating Custom Reports

Backstory: Fireplace & Chimney company. We have a current report that we love and want to keep. Although this format is through numbers on our apple products. Has anyone tried hiring a freelancer to basically code the document to upload it into servi...

TarynW by New Contributor II
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Task Code Time Frames

We use The New Flat Rate with ST. Each task code (in TNFR) is assigned a suggested/recommended time frame to complete. The time frames are based on a national average. For example, the task code to diagnose and replace a bad capacitor allows 45 minut...

danettad by New Contributor
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Discounts & Fees and Legacy Reports

We are looking to have the discounts and fees beta option be included somehow into the legacy reports for sales tax. We use Discounts and Fees on every job so when we run reports for sales tax it sounds like they are not showing up. Does anyone have ...

maria_fo by New Contributor
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I have also posted this in the IDEAS platform. COMMUNITY-I-2486 We are located in Upstate New York and we have sales tax I am looking for a report that are total sales and taxable sales by county.The sales tax is determined by the amount of taxable s...

maria_fo by New Contributor
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We need your feedback on design of KPI templates for reporting !

Hi folks! The XD team has been working on new designs for finding and using templates to create reports. Please go to this prototype to give us your feedback by working through a few tasks in a mock-up situation. This activity will take less than 10 ...

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Resolved! REPORT

How can I run a report that tells me how many of a certain material I sold last year ? Like I want to know how many vacuum breakers we sold in 2022

cbohn by New Contributor
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New Report Option

We're hoping to be able to build a report to display the projected incoming cash flows for future scheduled jobs. It would be such a time saver rather than having to manually go into each job for multiple routes per day. Building budgets and planning...

Heatmap on the Dashboard

We are having an issue with our heatmap on the dashboard. We are located in Wisconsin, but when we pull up the heatmap it shows California. My boss has asked support about this issue. The answer he gets is we have addresses that are not verified and ...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Reports and Templates

Hello S.T. peeps, I have an issue. I have 4 CSR's, 2 of them when they click on the "Reports" heading have drop down menu's "Categories" and "Templates", and 2 don't. I have not been able to figure out which permission is not activated as one who doe...

mramalho by New Contributor
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Error in Report after ST update

After the update, we found that our Opportunity and Estimate Follow Up has a broken link for the Estimate ID. Clicking on the Estimate ID results in an "Action Cancelled:: Error" message and a black screen.We have a work around, as the Opportunity ID...

pblwayne by New Contributor III
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[RESOLVED] Known Issue - Community Experience

The issue related to Event Calendar has been RESOLVED.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.