Resolved! Payments applied to open invoices

Good afternoon, Community!We often take a deposit on jobs that are scheduled in the near future. We take the payment on the job as we found using the credit on account was causing us to miss payments being applied properly.Do you have any ideas for a...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Happy Call report

Does anyone have a way of tracking the outbound happy calls the CSR makes during the day? Trying to find a way to track the productivity of our CSR.

ProServ12 by New Contributor II
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Help with Master Pay File report template

Hi! Does anyone knows how to find Master Pay File report template to shows a breakdown of technicians’ gross pay, including timesheet details and performance pay activities? Thank you!

faribam1 by New Contributor III
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Is there a way to run a report for any calls that need to be followed up on? In our old system we had a status button we could put calls on "quote on parts" or "parts on order". Our service manager comes in the mornings and goes thru all the calls fr...

Converted job when a lead is set

We closely track technicians conversion rates in their scorecard and technicians get "docked" (i.e. job not converted) when they flip a lead to a sales technician that sells the job. They get credit for the lead and the sale, but the job is not count...

bradley_ by New Contributor
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Report on service calls, equip age, membership

Does anyone know how I can run a service call completed report ?I want to be able to look at the service calls weekly or monthly and see the age of the equipment, as well as the membership status. Am I missing a report that this is can be seen on?Tha...

kallen408 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! New Customer Report with no appointment scheduled

There are times when a customer calls in, we collect their information, enter them into service titan, but for whatever reason the customer decides not to schedule an appointment. Or there are times we enter in a customers information from an online ...

k_black by New Contributor
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Technician Availability Report

There should be a report that can be generated of Technician Shifts. This will help track Technician shifts, see patterns when techs call out etc.

bruggier by New Contributor III
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