June Lunch and Learn TODAY!! Join me!

Hello All, Today is our June Lunch and Learn from 1:30-2:30 CST. We have an interesting opportunity to attend Brittany's presentation before and during our time together. Then we will discuss the last 30 minutes. Register for Brittany's Webinar here,...

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Video: How to build a CSR Scorecard into a Custom Dashboard

Hey friends! I get this question a lot, so finally made a video for it. If you're wondering how to build a CSR Scorecard into a Custom Dashboard, say no more. Check out my video below! CSR Scorecard in Custom Dashboard Let me know if you have any que...

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Monday Motivation -- Week 15

How was everyone's Weekend?? What are your plans for this week? What is on your todo list? Preparing for our monthly call, how can we help you this month?


🚨 New Feature Early Access Opportunity

Just saw the new Weekly Dispatch Board feature has an early access sign-up option.

Please Vote idea involves Inventory. If you re-assign a technician from the dispatch board it does not ask you if you would like to update the inventory location, but if you re-assign from the j...

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Adding tech to multiple jobs in one click

I have a quick question about dispatching and thought this may be a good place to ask it! I'm hoping someone can help. We have a technician who is just in training so we team him up with another technician and they go to the jobs together. I learned ...

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Send one email for bulk estimates

Please help vote When we send a customer several estimates - they receive several separate emails. Can we make it so when we send them their options (IE one repair estimate, three replacement options) they get it in ONE email? This would make it easi...

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Please help vote!!

Greetings fellow CSRs! We have property managers who are receiving literally a hundred emails from us per week. Can we change it so when our techs send them estimates from the field the Estimate Name is more descriptive? It should have the location i...

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Resolved! Change Color of Call Bubbles

Has Service Titan thought of adding a feature where you can change the color of the call bubbles? We have multiple queues, and often a call will sit unanswered but it is for another department. It would be a huge help if we were able to have differen...

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