Resolved! Booking jobs off Estimates

When we order parts from an approved estimate (requisition them) and then when we receive them in, in terms of what Service Titan links the job to, what is the difference in booking the job from the estimate as opposed to just adding an appointment t...

ddavis by New Contributor II
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Is there a setting that can be applied to each job that a tech has to upload site photos before closing out and dispatch to the next job?

allisonc by New Contributor II
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Non job events

i think it would be a great idea if we could control when the non-job events(blackouts) are visible to the techs. Sometimes they dont need to see what is there for 7 days in the future. they just need to know the day of. If it had an option on it to ...

Technician follow up

Hello, we are wondering the best practice for when a technician has completed a job and a customer calls back and wants to ask the tech a question about an estimate/invoice. We have been creating an additional apt stating "Please call customer regard...

inf8380 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Non-charge job event code

Hi, when booking another appointment for a job that is closed that we need to return to it and there is no charge to the customer. Why is it that when we put in a non-charge job event code the techs are still able to put in their hours and it shows u...

Corri by New Contributor
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Resolved! Calculate Material / Equipment Changes in Estimate Tool

Hi! Is there a fix in place or workaround for the Calculate button to re-calculate the price of a service within the Estimate tool when a material or equipment has been remove / replaced? My team has tried multiple options, but the dynamic pricing is...

NQ by New Contributor II
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Unable to book job due to no item on truck

Hello, I'm currently running into an issue where we're trying to book a service job that may be 2 weeks out (we do water feature maintenance). We would grab the materials that are needed that morning, like let's say a replacement pump, however we're ...

codybumpus by New Contributor III
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Cancelled calls.

I would like a report that details the time a call is booked and cancelled. Trying to maximize our tech schedule to reduce cancelled calls.

dgianesi by New Contributor
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