Performance Based Pay-Multi Trades

My company wants to implement a performance based pay (PBP) process using ST configurable payroll. I want to develop an industry leading PBP methodology that transends each specific trade. I am looking for help on the industry best practices for how ...

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On-Call - 1st Drive Time

Is there a setting that allows you to turn off "first drive time" for the weekends only? This would allow "on-call techs" that drive their vehicles home to NOT get 30 min drive time deducted when they are on call for the weekend, and should be gettin...

terrie_c by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Configurable Payroll Assistance

Hi Everyone!My name is Clayton, and I'm a senior payroll implementation specialist here at ServiceTitan. I primarily focus on setting up Configurable Payroll with customers who are looking to automate their commission and bonus structure within Servi...

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Resolved! Recurring Memberships on Configurable Payroll

I couldn't find anything similar to this so starting a new thread.We pretty much have our set performance-pay ready to go we just have one thing we don't know how to configure.We are trying to pay either $10 per sold membership (or 10% of the Members...

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Resolved! Configurable Payroll Question - TGL

We pay our techs $125.00 per piece for a Tech Generated Lead. For example, if a tech flips a lead and a salesman sells a heater only. They get $125.00. If the salesman goes out and sells a full system (heater and AC) the tech gets $250.00. Can anyone...

ryan_cal by New Contributor
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Resolved! TGL Help

We are working towards setting up configurable payroll for TGL's set. The thing I am having trouble figuring out is what counts as a TGL...we often don't book the call immediately as we have left a message, etc... We close/classify it as a lead and t...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Plumbing Installation Bonuses

Hello ServiceTitan Family! I am looking for plumbing companies that are willing to share their bonus structure for their installers - I have a fellow company hoping to chat! Please feel free to comment your ideas or let us know if you're willing to h...

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Third Party Payroll & HR Suggestions

We are researching third party payroll and HR service providers because Payroll Pro will not work for us. We would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has integrated a third party payroll and HR system successfully while using Service Titan. ...