Form options

When creating ST Forms, is there a way to add multiple "types" to each "item"? For example; if when creating a form for a maintenance job that has multiple equipment units that we look at and each unit requires information (ie, model, serial, conditi...

WRS by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Not having to always scroll from the top of the screen

I would LOVE to not always have to scroll from the top of the screen any time you go back or make a selection. While this is not a big deal with small residential sites, this is a HUGE time waster on large commercial sites. PAINFUL!!!!!!

selgan_h by New Contributor
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Merging Location

I have a commercial customer who would like all of his invoices split between 2 corporations, this customer has done a good deal of work with us since the beginning of the summer and is only now letting us know about the 2 different corporations. Is ...

AmyL by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Start Date for Task in Task Management

COMMUNITY-I-2164Please go in and upvote this idea if you like it. I think this would really allow people to use task management as a reminder and customize when the you want to be reminded to do an event as not all tasks can be worked on immediately....

AdamCronenberg by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer/Location note archive box request.

Hi, One thing I'd really love to see is an "archive box" for notes on the customer page & location page. We use customer notes for everything from payment updates and customer contact, to large projects that require tasks from multiple departments. N...

wsc_dawt by New Contributor
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We need more Filtering for Chats!

Please vote and share this Idea ID to get more votes! In the Chats screen, I would love to be able to filter the chats. Filter by day, filter by who responded, filter by last respond ...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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More Permissions for Customer

Please vote for my Idea on Customer Permissions! would love to see more breakdown in Customer Permissions for the Employees.Right now:There is one customer editing permission called "E...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Photo Organization

Looking for a way to organize Photos and select only certain photos be put on a job. Or if we can select some photos for the crews to see but not delete from the customer account.

lmoyer by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Toolbox for the Trades S7 Ep 102

Happy Tuesday, Titans! I've got a very special, "call-in" podcast episode for you featuring @tomhowar and Eddie McFarlane, President at Haller Enterprises. Join Eddie, Tom, and me as we answer your questions on: training setup for new techs, inventor...