Tracking Extended Warranty/Labor Claims

Good Morning All,Our company is trying to establish as many processes we can utilizing service titan for tracking and keeping up with all of our day to day operations.The way we track our extended warranty / labor claims seems a tad not efficient. ho...

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We need HR Pro to be invented!! GO VOTE!

COMMUNITY-I-2018 Can we get an HR platform on the road map if its not already??!! Employee time off tracking, SOP, employee files, handbook, onboarding, offboarding and all that jazz!!! Maybe strike up a deal with Bamboo HR since we just signed on wi...

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Commercial based forms input?

Some background before the question. As stated we are a commercial based HVAC-R company. Our techs go out to sites and do service calls. Being commercial most of the time the work needed to fix the equipment needs to be quoted to a corporate company ...

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Copy and Pasting Customer Info.

Is there an option to copy and paste customer contact info without it becoming garbled and out of order?I find it is difficult to put info. into emails due to having to make adjustments to copied info. The text size, font, colors, are all different, ...


We got the update this morning!! I'm excited to play around with it....after ToolBox Live!

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