Converting time clock display

Our payroll platform makes us enter our regular time and overtime in a decimal format - is there a way to change the display on the time sheets to make it a decimal so I dont have to calculate it for every employee?Ex: I work 9hr and 39 min, but in d...

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TarynW by New Contributor II
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Random Clock in

The past two weeks I have had one day where my technicians were clocked in when not working, last week they were clocked in at midnight on a Saturday and clocked out at 11:59 PM, anyone else noticed anything like this.

Non-Job Events and Time

I'm looking for information or suggestions on how the time for non-job events, specifically meetings work. I've read over articles but none address this issue. We have weekly meetings scheduled for techs as non-job events. They are marked as paid and...

Tionna by New Contributor
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Resolved! Payroll Reporting

Is there a way to run a report based on pay period that just shows a technicians total hours for the day not each individual job?

Jimb1979 by New Contributor II
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When editing a timesheet, the system kicks you back out after each entry. If you have to make multiple changes to an employee, it requires opening up the record very single time. Is there a way around this.

Ocean by New Contributor
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Resolved! Timesheet Page Has A Bug?

The timesheets page seems to have a bug. When I try to add an entry on a technician's timesheet it is adding the entry on the day before instead of the current date. Is anyone else having this problem?

Kayladeej by New Contributor III
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Payroll Approval Alerts

Please vote for my idea for Payroll Approval Alerts. If this is already an option, I would like to know about it! It would be wonderful if there were alerts set up to notify employees when their payroll is ready to approve and to notify the office wh...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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What's going on with timesheets??

When you click on the technician on the right side of the dispatch board and click edit timesheet it use to only bring up that days timesheet. It made it easy to make necessary edits... now it brings up the payroll for the whole payroll period with t...

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RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Plumbing Installation Bonuses

Hello ServiceTitan Family! I am looking for plumbing companies that are willing to share their bonus structure for their installers - I have a fellow company hoping to chat! Please feel free to comment your ideas or let us know if you're willing to h...

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