Third Party Payroll & HR Suggestions

We are researching third party payroll and HR service providers because Payroll Pro will not work for us. We would greatly appreciate feedback from anyone who has integrated a third party payroll and HR system successfully while using Service Titan. ...

Holiday Pay

Is anyone else running into an issue when trying to add "holiday pay" to the timesheets? It's adding the "holiday hours" into the regular hours worked and trying to pay out overtime.

knsmall by New Contributor
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Technician Timesheet Summary by Pay Period

Hello,Could this report be in alphabetical order? Preferably by last name but at this point any alphabetical order would be great. When we add new employees it is at the end and alphabetical order would make more sense.If there is a way to fix this p...

Resolved! Guardrails for Clock In/ Clock Out?

I know a lot of companies have rules about how early before a shift you can clock in, timeclocks that don't allow anything prior to 15 min early, etc. I have a specific group of "technicians" that are notorious for clocking in at 6am (or earlier) and...

ashsmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inova Payroll Processing

After several months of utilizing a new payroll service, we have several employees that do not appear to be categorized correctly for workers comp reporting once their time syncs with the payroll service. Has anyone else had similar issues and how we...

Multiple technicians manual timesheet

Is there a way to enter manual timesheets to a job but only have to create the times once? For example, we have installers that work in pairs on a job and they do not use mobile devices to clock in or out to a job. These are entered manually by the o...

modernai by New Contributor
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Is anyone else having issues with performance pay not being paid for any of your techs? Ever since the last update our price book "pays commission" tab has been clicked off. I've been on the phone with ST all morning and still on hold with them at th...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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