Tag Triggering

COMMUNITY-I-1659I'd like the ability for there to be a trigger for our tags. The same way that there are triggers for forms. For example, if Service Titan recognizes that we're visiting a new customer, it will apply a "new customer" tag to their job....

heeaaath by New Contributor
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Lifetime Value of Customer... Help

I am wondering if anyone knows of an easy way to generate a report for lifetime value of customers for specific years.. I know it cost me about 300 to acquire a new customer and I know how to get my initial ROI calculations, but I want to know what t...

Resolved! Scheduling Social Media Posts

Has anyone found a social media tool that you can use to create and schedule posts that will integrate with ServiceTitan Marketing Pro? Or do we know if that function will be coming to Marketing Pro?

mirdesch by Contributor II
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Merge Tags

We are looking to have Service Titan add a new feature that allows people using Marketing Pro to create custom merge tags. The merge tags they currently have are very limited not allowing us to use merge tags how we want them. Specific instances are ...

User_A050 by New Contributor
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Resolved! Feature Idea: Manual Manipulation of Email Campaigns

I was trying to put together an email campaign to target commercial customers to inform them of their R22 system changes. I need to manually change ServiceTitan's auto-generated list by SPECIFICALLY picking out a few customers and excluding them.We r...