How to find customers

Hey all, is there a spot in Service Titan anywhere that you can click and find a list of all customers that are logged in Service Titan? I am wanting to find something that will show me every customer we have listed. Thanks!

Sharing my STCT Idea :)

Wish I could just bump this post to the top of the timeline but for now I am having to repost ServiceTitan Certified Technician

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MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Barely Open For Business Today

It took 8 minutes for me to complete a job and all our office staff among 11 sites are not able to do anything without several minute lag. Anyone else? Not sure if this is a known issue or a ticket situation for our team

AnnaMcKay by New Contributor II
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ServiceTitan Status Page

Just a heads up, don't panic : ) Be sure to subscribe to ST's status page to be notified of any site performance issues here:


New Company! Second time with Service Titan!

Hello gang! I recently started at a second plumbing company and they hired me to be a Service Titan hero!It's day four, so I am going slow, but I wanted to reach out to share where I'm beginning, and see if anyone has any suggestions for moving forwa...

Bring your Kid to Work Day :)

HAPPY BRING YOUR KID TO WORK DAY! This is my daughter Kynlee and we are having fun here at Fluesbrothers Chimney Service Reply with pictures of your kiddos if you don't mind! Even if they're not at work with you today!

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Calendar Navigation

I think it would be nice to be able to scroll down to the next month like you can with Google calendar instead of having to go back to the top to go to the next month. Some people may like it the way it is so it would be best if it could be a prefere...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Can there be an easier way of entering equipment for a customer.....such as one screen where you enter all the components for System 1 and System 2, etc. instead of having to enter one component at a time?

pamfacem by New Contributor
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Outbound Lead Tracking

Is there a way to get all outbound leads into Service Titan? Leads come in many different forms and customers want to be contacted in different ways. When we make outbound contacts through phone, text, email is there a way to make this contact a lead...

Topahill by New Contributor
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